Make My Meal - Android

Using Make My meal, you can order food online from restaurants around your location. We deliver food from your locality according to your favorite items, taste & choice of restaurants in your area and more. Exciting bit? We place no minimum order restrictions! Order in as much as you like. We will deliver it to you.

Distinct thing about Make My Meal is anyone can buy and sell. If you can cook good, why not sell it and earn? Make My Meal is here for your needs. Get register add dishes and start selling it online via android or iPhone in very easy steps. 

Checkout our excited features:

  • Go through various options of delicious items surrounding your area, or search your favorite item or seller and order it online.
  • Easy to become a seller just by adding your own dishes and start selling them online.
  • Manage orders seller or buyer and can update order status.
  • Scan it and take your order easily.
  • Get excite deals.
  • Can update profile, change and forgot password features.
  • Manage dishes and can view status.
  • Contact us just by filling a form or via the contact information provided.
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